Exiting the lock down – strategy and execution

At the end of December, 2019, public health officials of China informed the World Health Organization that they identified a new virus which is causing pneumonia-like symptoms in the city of Wuhan. Soon after that, WHO named the virus as Covid19 and seeing its speed of spread across countries, declared it

Induction of Summer Trainees

It was a pleasure to induct our first batch of summer trainees to Marching Sheep today. Welcome  @ Arna Bairagi @Suman Das from Indian Institute of Management, Ranchi @Ridhima Mahajan from @IMI Kolkata to the tribe. We at Marching Sheep are using this time to strengthen our portfolio, make it relevant to the new

Employee Engagement Activities For Remote Working Situations

Remote working will be an upward trend for times to come. While the current Corona outbreak might have pushed many organisations to embrace work from home as a response to the situation, the fact is – with technology making the world a smaller place, remote working will be the way

Identifying and Dealing with Triggers of Stress

The current spread of corona virus and its repercussions on organisations, the economy at large and on each one of us individually influences how we are responding to the situation, both physically and emotionally. It is imperative that we closely monitor our mental and emotional well-being, understand our stress triggers

Employees are your greatest assets! Take care of them!

Coronavirus, a topic which is nearly impossible to avoid these days online, on TV or in conversations. Conferences have been canceled or postponed, travel on a stand still, social interaction zero and organizations are working hard to deploy business continuity plans to mitigate the impact of COVID-19. Our working lives

Help build financial and emotional security in times of crisis

In a very significant move, the Prime Minister of India announced a 21 day national lockdown effective from 25th March 2020. This lockdown is to ensure effective social distancing to prevent the spread of COVID-19. While the lockdown is undoubtedly essential to contain the pandemic,the impact on businesses and the