The Blind Spot

Diversity is a fact! Inclusion is a choice!! And what better way towards the inclusion of diversity than reminding ourselves that multiple realities exist and all realities are true for those experiencing them? Here’s a beautiful reflection note shared by Kunal S. based on his observations and experience around diverse experiences of

Encouraging failure as a part of growth at workplace

We have this # culture where #success is admired and appreciated and on the opposite #failure is criticized and makes the person feel ashamed about it. Often, it’s not just the act of failing that people are afraid of, it is actually the consequences. But we need to understand that if there is success, failures will

Session on Leadership Development for women talent across EMEA with Uber

The beginning of yet another stellar journey with Uber EMEA team. Extremely grateful to Chris Folwell for trusting us and partnering with us as we kickstart a 3- month long leadership development journey for women talent across EMEA region. Spread across 5 batches, each participant comes from a different country, different lifestage, different aspirations, different cultures and the intersectionality of diversity makes the sessions richer in reflections, discussions and learning. It is

Session on People Management with Milklane Dairy Services

Building managerial capability is no longer a choice but a business critical need. Not only is the business landscape evolving fast, the employee demographics, needs and expectations are evolving fast too. An organisation’s productivity depends hugely on how managers lead their people. Spent two days with the team at MilkLane Dairy Services Pvt. Ltd. – a subsidiary of Innoterra. Candid conversations around people

Session with Cargill India

Every session is an opportunity to make a difference, to connect with people, generate meaningful conversations for change conversations that matter. Extremely thankful to APAC Legal team at Cargill for this opportunity of speaking on inclusion of multi generational diversity with intersectionality of culture, lifestage, religion,  socio economic backgrounds and a lot more. An extremely candid, participative and fun audience!

Women Leadership Development Program for the senior leadership team across the globe for CRISIL Limited

Leadership is a gender-agnostic term and yet there is a need for programs that specifically aims at developing women leaders. It is not about distinguished competencies for women. The challenges experienced by women in leadership roles are quite complex due to social conditioning, expected gender roles and behavior, cultural context, the

6th Batch of SHRBP Certification

It was a delight to launch our 6th Strategic HR business partner Certification batch in partnership with FICCI Quality Forum this Friday. With #volving expectations of the workforce, changing leadership imperatives, need for contemporary policies and HR practices, accelerated focus on #diversityequityinclusion, remote working, hybrid workforce gig work, challenges like the great resignation quiet quitting Talent crunch, role of HR function is ever evolving. Kudos to participating #organisations for building the #HRcapability for a stronger and #Sustainablefuture

Panel discussion on Women’s Equality Day by ET Now Swadesh

Womens Equality Day is not just about providing  equal opportunities for work, but also about developing open and accepting mindset at a social level. Organizations are a sub-unit of the society and for any organization to drive gender inclusion and provide equal opportunities to women, we need to change the mindset of the society at large and building a culture of progressive India. In a recent

21 Marching campaign

Have you heard the terms working women and working mothers but have you heard the terms ‘working men’ and ‘Working #fathers’? Even though DEI as a topic has been around for years now, the gender norms still persist creating invisible barriers and obstacles. In her recent talk at TEDx, Sonica

21 Marching campaign

According to WHO, Persons with Disabilities represent 15% of the world’s population. It has been observed that disabled employees working from home during #lockdown were more productive and took lesser number of leaves than when they were doing their jobs in office. In an effort to create and drive awareness about

Marching with Pride campaign

As we approach the Pride month and the Global Pride Day in June 2022, we at MarchingSheep Sheep brings to you the second season of our Pride month campaign Marching with Pride- Out and Proud, a series of 5 candid live conversations where we would be having live candid conversations with people from the Community from

Session with Metropolis

Jack Welch said that until you are a leader, you lead yourself but once you are a leader, you #lead everybody around you! And this is truly what #leadership is. It is a process of moving from I to We. In a recent intervention for Metropolis Healthcare Limited we interacted with their leaders and with so