Marching Sheep recognized by Silicon India Magazine

Marching Sheep, under the leadership of our Founder and Managing Partner – Sonica Aron, has emerged as a thought provoking, leading HR firm in the country and among the Top 10 HR Consulting Firms in Delhi/NCR. Specialists in the frame of Diversity and Inclusion, we have also carved our niche in


The ongoing pandemic is a global phenomenon which hasn’t left any aspect of life within its sphere untouched. Some view it as a challenge of a lifetime, while some look at it as an opportunity. It depends on how one chooses to perceive and respond to the scenario. Here, I

Marching Sheep recognized as one of the 25 fastest growing companies in India 2020 by Business Connect Magazine.

This is a proud moment for Team Marching Sheep. We are delighted to share that Marching Sheep has been recognized as one of the 25 fastest growing companies in India 2020 by Business Connect Magazine . We have been recognized for the admirable progress that we have made in a short span

Let Us Free Ourselves From Insecurities

Being insecure during current times is common and absolutely normal. But not just now, on several occasions in life don’t many of us perceive ourselves to be vulnerable in some way (could be socially, financial, professionally or personal), feel filled with self-doubt, feel short on confidence, have fear of failure, start

We are all a little biased, even if we don’t know it!

When you type CEO, CFO or CTO in your textbox on your iPhone, notice what comes up. It is an emoji of a man in a suit. Even seemingly innocuous things as an emoji can reinforce these gendered stereotypes and biases and demonstrate the structural sexism inherent in our society.

Fears In Current Times And How To Overcome Those

These are unprecedented times and all of us have found ourselves in a situation that invokes fear- fear of personal health, fear of job loss, pay cuts, fear of long term career growth and so on. We hear about spread of COVID-19 from all over the world every day, through