Creating a barrier free organization for the visually impaired

The journey of the visually impaired is rife with challenges, biases and barriers. The onus of enabling the visually impaired in the workforce lies with the employers. As responsible employers we need to consciously make efforts. My third article in this series, elaborates on some steps which can help create

Visual Impairment- Through a gender lens

Women often bear a disproportionate burden of health inequity across the globe and visual impairment is no different. The last of the series, this article aims at identifying and elaborating key focus areas which can help in empowering women in this challenging journey. As a community, we should whole-heartedly attempt

Pick your own pay policy

In today’s competitive world, where every organization is talking about making the workplace inclusive and working towards building their unique EVP and Employer brand, retaining their employees is top most priority for the employers. But the question is, how far will you go as an employer to retain your top talent? Progressive HR Processes, Diversity Charters, Inclusive Workplace, Fair Rewards & Recognition program, Performance Appraisals based on

Career Gap: Not a taboo anymore

Every person needs to take one day away. A day in which one consciously separates the past from the future. –Maya Angelou Having a gap in employment is a lot more common than you may think. And with the millennials comprising 80 % of the workforce today, it is actually becoming popular

Remote working: A mixed blessing for women

Given the social construct around the role of women as primary caregivers there is a clear gender push when it comes to choosing remote working as an option. Today, with evolved working models in place, remote/hybrid working has been a blessing for women, helping them manage work and home effectively. While it


We live in a society where leaders are expected to lead, coach, guide, monitor, motivate and drive business but not be selfless and serve juniors or subordinates. Which is why, even though the concept of Servant Leadership is decades old, it has found renewed importance in todays age and post