The two sides of quiet quitting

According to a recent Gallup survey, 50% of the workforce in organizations consist of quiet quitters. Coined as a phenomenon where employees resign to their KRAs and do not stretch beyond them, it actually has 2 perspectives to it. While one perspective is lack of motivation, innovation and enthusiasm at the workplace, another perspective is the personal life balance which

How to survive work while going through a heartbreak

Heartbreak is real and so is the pain. It is very normal to feel dejected, worthless and in pain after the end of a relationship or a heartbreak. A recent study in Journal of social psychological and personality science confirmed that when some people break up and lose their cheerleader, the loss has an impact on reaching their professional goals as

There’s more to people than labels- Rise of non-binary pronouns and their significance

 It would not be wrong to say that there has been a significant shift around us in the past few years about the visibility and acceptance for the LGBTQIA+ people but as a community we still lack somewhere when it comes to a deeper understanding of diversity and inclusion and the little actions or gestures that actually make a

Living with Multiple Sclerosis

Your condition does not define you, your strength and courage does! Multiple Sclerosis is different, it can affect your life in many ways but it cannot stop you from living your life the way you want. Here is my article where I have tried to understand the science behind this

Father’s Day- Pulse Survey

Today, organizations are taking cognizance of not just the professional lifestages but also the personal life stages of its employees. While there is a deliberate impetus around challenges women face as they navigate motherhood and other personal phases including marriage, care giving, childcare etc., but today fathers too are stepping

Creating a barrier free organization for the visually impaired

The journey of the visually impaired is rife with challenges, biases and barriers. The onus of enabling the visually impaired in the workforce lies with the employers. As responsible employers we need to consciously make efforts. My third article in this series, elaborates on some steps which can help create