Choose to challenge- Stereotypes at work

Stereotypes manifest as micro behaviors in our day-to-day interactions and communications with people around us. At work, women repeatedly battle these stereotypes, which hinder their performance, productivity and impact the contribution they make at the workplace. Allowing women to work, without barriers, will improve outcomes for everyone. The question that

Choose to challenge- Body shaming and the need to fit in

A number of people today have either experienced body shaming or are grappling with the impact of body shaming influenced by the media or through socialization. However, the bigger question is do we really focus on the impact body shaming has, not just for adults but also for young children?

Choose to Challenge: Guilt, Self Imposed Constraints and Emotional Stress

Even today decisions concerning the career of women, their marriageable age etc are influenced by the cultural norms of the society we live in and this often culminates in the form of self imposed constraints, emotional stress and guilt amongst women . This emotional baggage which women carry often becomes

Professional and personal success can go hand in hand, why do women have to choose?

We live in society which is strife with stereotypes and biases. And consciously or unconsciously, these get ingrained into our belief systems so strongly, that it takes a lot of deliberate effort and intent to overcome them. And, the most common bias and stereotype is between a man and a woman. Created as

Women and leadership- Why do they need to prove themselves more?

Today, we see women excelling and reaching the top across professions whether it is sports, politics or the corporate world. Despite this progress, we all would agree that it hasn’t been easy. Leadership is not differentiated by gender but women still struggle to represent themselves in leadership positions. Whether it

How to deal with toxic managers

Having influence is not about elevating self, but about lifting others- Sheri Dew Toxic managers can have long lasting and a wide impact on the organization culture and reputation resulting in attrition, reduced information sharing, discouraging cooperation and collaboration, organizational politics and increased absenteeism. Please share your views in the