Professional and personal success can go hand in hand, why do women have to choose?

We live in society which is strife with stereotypes and biases. And consciously or unconsciously, these get ingrained into our belief systems so strongly, that it takes a lot of deliberate effort and intent to overcome them. And, the most common bias and stereotype is between a man and a woman. Created as equal partners but seen and understood as the stronger and weaker sex, it is about time that we challenge the rules of the society and break these stereotypes. Here is an article by our Delhi Operations Head – Nandita Krishan on “Why do women have to choose between their personal and professional aspirations?” The question was never Can Women have it all? It is why should women not have it all!

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Women and leadership- Why do they need to prove themselves more?

Today, we see women excelling and reaching the top across professions whether it is sports, politics or the corporate world. Despite this progress, we all would agree that it hasn’t been easy. Leadership is not differentiated by gender but women still struggle to represent themselves in leadership positions. Whether it is societal barriers, stereotypes or self imposed expectations, women have had to prove themselves harder to succeed.

Sharing some thoughts and significant facts on the journey women take to become leaders. Happy to hear your thoughts and views on the same.

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How to deal with toxic managers

Having influence is not about elevating self, but about lifting others- Sheri Dew

Toxic managers can have long lasting and a wide impact on the organization culture and reputation resulting in attrition, reduced information sharing, discouraging cooperation and collaboration, organizational politics and increased absenteeism.

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Team Social

The #team that parties together, stays together, wins together, fights challenges together, celebrates wins together. Team Marching Sheep met yesterday to celebrate 2020 and get ready for 2021, and what a lovely day it was! Proud of what we have together!

And there was a little someone who gatecrashed the party!

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The Art of Creating High Impact Learning Content

Content is the foundation for any learning program. It is the main ingredient that makes any learning program impactful and effective. At MarchingSheep, we focus on creating that contextualized learning content that not only meets the brief but also adds value to the entire learning intervention. Basis my experience in creating content for our clients, sharing some thoughts and ideas on how content can make a real difference ! trackingId=%2Be27eWM1tp88erRmO7%2FlyA%3D%3D

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Attitude of Gratitude – My Learnings from COVID

2020 was the year that changed alot of things for all of us. While we liked some, there were other things which we did not! And as the new year, 2021, dawns upon us, it brings new goals, new perspectives, new promises and new resolutions. Let us take a moment to thank and show #gratitude for all that we liked in the previous year and also everything that we did, accepted and adjusted to. Show #gratitude for all the #newbeginnings and resolve to be stronger and #resilient through the high and low tides and #appreciate all that we have. Let us develop an #attitudeforgratitude.
Here is my article on showing 
#appreciation and being thankful for all the big and small things we have. Do like, comment and share.

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Sonica Aron recognized amongst YourStory Media’s 100 Digital #Influencers of 2020.

Yet another accolade for Marching Sheep!
What better way to start the New Year than to receive yet another recognition.
We are proud to share that our founder and Managing Partner Sonica Aron has been recognized amongst YourStory Media’s 100 Digital #Influencers of 2020. She features amongst the powerful group of #thoughtleaders who — through the conversations they steered online have informed, inspired, and influenced readers in 2020.
Year 2020 has been the year of digital disruption and the power of digital narratives has been more than evident due to Covid-19. Sonica with her high-quality, insightful, engaging writings and thoughts on topics that mattered, from writing on the taboo around #emotionalhealth, to awareness on  #domesticviolence, or making #POSH more relevant in letter and spirit in the virtual world, to what the role of HR has been during Covid, has inspired hope and strength in a pandemic hit year and continues to influence the next generation of changemakers in 2021 and beyond.
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Interview with People Management

Innovation is the key to success for every sustainable business and we, at Marching Sheep are constantly evolving and innovating. Through COVID and Lockdown, we learnt the art of virtual interventions and by conducting surveys and panel discussions, we understood the need of diverse industries. Through a topsy-curvy path, Marching Sheep has emerged among the Top 25 HR Consultancies in the country and Top 10 in Delhi/NCR. We have constantly contributed to the society through various knowledge sharing panel discussions. In a recent interview today with The People Management, our founder – Sonica Aron spoke about the new POSH Guidelines, Challenges of a #WomenEntrepreneur#DiversityandInclusion and our Survival Technique during COVID. Thank you team People Management for this opportunity to share our thoughts and experiences through this platform which helps shape the young HR Leaders.

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