Session with Legrand

Why do women hesitate to speak up? Despite facing challenges and hurdles while navigating personal and professional life stages, women are less vocal. Some are fearful of hurting others’ feelings and others are fearful of being seen as either too emotional or too bossy.

In our recent session with women professionals Legrand we addressed their concerns on Speak up, and how to overcome the self-imposed barriers. It is about time that women start voicing their concerns and choose to challenge the stereotypes attached to voicing their opinions.

Thank you Gauri Desai and Meenal Chaukar for partnering with us for this meaningful journey.

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Session with HR Association of India

It is always a pleasure to partner with HR ASSOCIATION OF INDIA for sessions and this time it was on building Emotional resilience. While the pandemic has brought the need for building a resilient workforce to the fore, it is also a fact that one size does not fit all. Every individual is unique, Stress triggers are different, emotional responses vary, and therefore coping mechanisms will be different. We need to move away from a prescriptive approach to an enabling approach where every individual begins to understand their own stress manifestations and methods to deal with them.

Our Founder Sonica Aron spoke about how every individual can take charge of their emotions and feelings, and become more resilient, in a sustainable manner.

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Session with Sony Music Entertainment

Continuing our association with Sony Music Entertainment in its D&I journey, Marching Sheep conducted its second session with its India #leadership team. The session touched upon the various facets of #diversity that we experience in the workplace everyday and the role leaders play in driving inclusion. The session was a combination of some insightful conversations, sharing of unique perspectives and a lot of fun ! We had a great time conducting this engaging session.
Thanks to Kaushiki Srivastava and Faith Tham for bringing everyone together.
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Session with VFS Global

In today’s evolving #workplace, sensitizing employees on the importance of #diversity#equity and #inclusion is the need for the hour. We recently held a session on Unleash the Power of Inclusion for #leadership at VFS Global to enable and empower these #leaders build and nurture an #inclusiveculture in the organization. Thank you Harsha ShaikhShiraz Dastoor and Karuna Iyer for giving us this opportunity to conduct this interactive and engaging session with such a participative audience. Diversity is a fact and Inclusion is an Act!

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Session with a manufacturing MSME

It was a proud moment for all of us as we concluded a 6 week long Learning journey with the leadership and managers of a manufacturing MSME company on Leadership imperatives. We were all moved by the warmth shown by the participants, and the enthusiasm in their war cries, and they embark on their path ahead. The best part was, they made us a part of their future endeavours and commitment by inviting us into the whatsapp groups they have made for implementation of whatever they have learnt, and we willingly offered to mentor and guide. It gives us a huge sense of satisfaction and pride, when our clients and participants make us a part of them.

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Session with FireFly Networks

Emotional resilience has become important in today’s time and an integral part of employee wellbeing.
Over the period of pandemic we’ve seen people suffer from anxiety and burnout due to the remote workingwork stress, and uncertainty in the new normal which is impacting their mental health adversely.
In our recent session with FireFly Networks Limited we discussed about approaching emotional resilience mindfully and understanding our cognitive errors. Thank you Raj SethiaManisha Sapra and the entire team of Firefly who helped us take them through this journey to bring out a positive change and create a resilient workplace

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Panel Discussion- The evolving expectations of the workforce from their employers today

Focus on employee wellbeing, their health, safety, providing them flexibility and moving to hybrid working models are some of the key expectations from employees that unanimously echoed in our recently concluded panel discussion last week. It was an enriching discussion and team Marching Sheep would like to thank all our panelists – Meenakshi PriyamLopamudra BanerjeeRicha SinghNeha Oberoi and Sandeep Batra for sharing their insights and unique perspective on how organizations are responding to the evolving expectations of employees today.

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Session with Middle East business unit of Sony Music Entertainment

It was wonderful interacting with the Leadership team of Middle East business unit of Sony Music Entertainment through an engaging session on diversity and inclusion, understanding its nuances and our role in creating an inclusive and equitable environment around us. Kudos to the enthusiastic participants for generously sharing their perspectives and making the session an enriching experience for all of us!
Gratitude to Kaushiki SrivastavaFaith Tham and David Riley for giving us the opportunity to be a part of Sony Music’s D&I journey!

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Session with Avery Dennison

Inclusion is a journey and HR teams have a big role to play, as allies, in driving an inclusive culture, sparking inclusive conversations, building #inclusive leadership. Gratitude to Ravi Sharma Dr. Nivedita Debnath Sachdev Singh Wendy Luo from Avery Dennison for inviting us for a session on #diversity equity and inclusion for their APAC HR team.

It has been 6 months that we have been associated with Avery Dennison, and it is so encouraging to see the organisation systemically drive diversity in the workplace. Kudos to the team and to the leadership!

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Guest Session with RATA India

Awareness around prevention of Sexual Harassment act has become even more critical with work from home and virtual way of working being a long term reality. As per statistics, 1 out of every 4 women have been sexually harassed at workplace with majority being in the age group of 25-40. In our recent talk on the Prevention of Sexual Harassment for Women at Workplace (#POSH) Act for the members of RATA INDIA, we discussed about the details of the ACT, definition under the act and what we can do to make our workplaces compliant and #inclusive in letter and spirit. Thank you Amit Goel
 for giving us this opportunity to make the members understand that it is the Impact and not Intent which is important.
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Session with Avery Dennison

Continuing our enriching journey on Inclusion with Avery Dennison, we did our fourth session which was as engaging and insightful as the earlier sessions on unleashing the power of inclusion at the workplace. Thanks to all the participants for their significant participation and curiosity shown in understanding key nuances of diversity and inclusion, acknowledging common biases at the workplace. There were some great shares and takeaways for everyone to implement and move towards inclusion.
Thanks Manvi Sushil (She/Her/Hers) Ravi Sharma and Swati Jain for organizing this.
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