Session with Nykaa

Today’s times require intentional and mindful Emotional resilience, and with simple techniques and practice we can make all learn this life skill. Recognising our own stress triggers and how they manifest for us, knowing what our coping mechanisms are make us more #resilient and #strong. How do we navigate the axis of emotions and understanding our cognitive errors patterns makes us more mindful of our thoughts which in turn makes us able to channelise our emotions constructively. In our third interaction with employees of Nykaa, we spoke about what it takes to be in the boat to sail through #turbulent times with #resilience and #mindfulness. Thank you Nilesh Sawant and the entire team of Nykaa for making it happen and letting us all understand what it takes to build emotional resilience mindfully.

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Session with Abbott

When confronted with challenges in life and while going through turbulent times, allies are the people who help us in overcoming the hurdles. Allies are always there to support and help others in their times of need. They not only support but also speak up and take action against discrimination or inappropriate behavior. And when you have allies at workplace, it builds a culture of inclusivity and enables employees to perform and grow. Our session with the team of Abbott India was all about Allies in the Workplace and how we overcome barriers at different lifestages with their support and help. Thank you Jyoti BhattTamanna TripathyTr Prasad and Shruti Pai for partnering with us giving us this opportunity to interact with allies of Abbott.

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Session with a manufacturing MSME organization on leadership development

We concluded a 6 week long learning journey with nearly 90 team members from an MSME from manufacturing industry on personal effectiveness , Managerial effectiveness leadership development. Despite the turmoil created by the pandemic, this group of warriors remained determined on the path of learning and to make a difference to their careers, with full ownership and accountability to the weekly assignments for ongoing learning.
Kudos to the organisation for investing in their people at the right time!

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Session with Avery Dennison

It is a privilege to partner in this journey of #Diversity and Inclusion with Avery Dennison where Marching Sheep is engaging with its leaders and employees from across functions on the evolving facets of #diversity and working towards building a more inclusive culture in the organization. Our second session was just as engaging and participative as the first, highlighting the importance of intersectionality, common #biases at work, offering tools around inclusive communicationDecision making and much more.
Thank you to Manvi Sushil and the entire team at 
Avery Dennison for driving this and making us a part of this beautiful journey!
#Marching Sheep driving respect and equality

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Session on Diversity & Inclusion for PepsiCo

Diversity  & Inclusion is a journey. It was an honour to partner with 50 leaders from the supply chain team from PepsiCo on the broadening narrative of Diversity today, the Intersectionality that makes every individual unique, the tenets of building inclusive culture and a lot more. Thank you Pallavi Banerjee and Tarishi Kamra for this opportunity.  Sincere Gratitude to Niteen Pradhan for Leading the conversations with such transparency and candour.

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Panel discussion on the topic ‘L&D and the future of Trainers’ at the BW HR L&D Excellence Summit and Awards Event.

We would like to thank BW Businessworld for inviting Sonica Aron, Founder and Managing Partner Marching Sheep as panelist for a panel discussion (held on 27th Feb) on the topic ‘L&D and the future of Trainers’ at the BW HR L&D Excellence Summit and Awards Event. The discussion brought in the sharing of perspectives and insights on what are some of the emerging trends that Trainers should practice, what should they do differently, how can trainers use AI to complement their task and find the sweet spot between management requirements, employee engagement and the evolving technologies?

The discussion left the viewers and panelist with food for thought for helping experts relook at their existing practices and strategies.

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IWD sessions for Tata Realty, Indian Oil, Clifford Chance and ZS Associates.

What a day it was! This International Women’s day, Marching Sheep had the opportunity to interact with women from different organizations and spread the message along this year’s theme – #choosetochallenge ourselves, our fears, our hesitations and our mindsets to succeed in our personal and professional journeys.

Through these sessions, it was a delight to connect with a bunch of enthusiastic women, who speak their mind and are rearing to challenge the status quo. We loved to curate these sessions for Tata Realty And Infrastructure Ltd , Indian Oil Corporation LimitedClifford Chance and ZS. Also, our Managing Partner, Sonica Aron was invited for a #paneldiscussion where she shared her views around #UnconsciousBias and its impact on inclusion of women, with the students of Sri Aurobindo College.

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IWD sessions for Mahindra and Mahindra Limited and IIFL

It’s encouraging to see that organisations continue to engage in meaningful conversations through the week….we had the opportunity to engage with women from @Mahindra and Mahindra limited and @IIFL on #ChoosetoChallenge, the theme for this year’s #Internationalwomensday.
We at Marching Sheep firmly believe that it is not just one day, but a celebration of a journey towards gender equality and inclusion and it’s work in progress, and these sessions are testimony that more and more organisations are now joining hands to drive this journey!

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IWD Campaign

We begin the month of February by launching our International Women’s Day Campaign. To build awareness and collective learning around this year’s theme ChoosetoChallenge, we will bring to thought-provoking conversations with strong women from different walks of life and diverse fields – Sonica AronKaushiki SrivastavaRiya DalviPooja JauhariIra SinghalBina PillaiMegha MukhijaTina Vinod (she/her), Apurva Purohit, Shauravi MalikRuchi Jain.

IWD came into existence to celebrate women’s achievements, raise awareness about women’s equality and accelerate gender parity.

We will be having interviews every Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:30 to 7:00 pm till 8th March, streamed live on Marching Sheep’s Facebook, Twitter pages and YouTube channel.

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Session with the Global Leadership team of Avery Dennison on Building Inclusive culture, broadening narrative of Diversity

There is nothing more satisfying than making a difference together. We had a session today with the Global Leadership team of Avery Dennison on Building Inclusive culture, broadening narrative of Diversity, the importance of micro responses in day to day interactions, and the intersectionality of multiple dimensions of one’s identity to make everyone Unique.

Heartfelt gratitude to Manvi Sushil and Jacques Marshall for inviting us for this session.

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