Feedback from participants on our virtual program on DEI certification in partnership with FICCI

We conducted the first batch for our Diversity Equity and Inclusion Certification in partnership with FICCI. This is what our participants had to say, the feedback was so overwhelming and made us proud. Our next batch starts in November 2022.  #MarchingSheep #Diversityandinclusion #conversationsforchange #conversationsthatmatter #respectandequalityforall #Makeadifference #DEI

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Sonica Aron speaks at India Achievers Forum, Winner of Women Entrepreneur of the Year 2022

It gives us immense pleasure to announce that the Founder & Managing Partner for Marching Sheep, Sonica Aron has been awarded as the Women Entrepreneur of The Year award at the 62nd National Summit on Atmanirbhar Bharat: Vision of New India for her outstanding professional achievement & contribution to nation building. This recognition is a testimony of the evolving journey of Marching Sheep as an organization with a #purpose to make a difference to the society and touch people’s lives and careers. It is a moment of immense pride not just for her as an entrepreneur but for Marching Sheep as a team. We would like to thank the Indian Achievers Forum for giving us this opportunity to be a part of such an inspiring event. #Diversityandinclusion #Conversationsforchange #Conversationsthatmatter #AtmanirbharBharat #Visionofnewindia #Nationbuilding #Respectandequalityforall #influentialleaders #MarchingSheep #Makeadifference #Purposedrivenorganisation

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Marching with Pride- In Conversation with Chris Folwell

Through the month, we have had conversations with leaders from the LGBTQIA community, to increase awareness about lived realities, challenges and obstacles they face along their life stages, from growing up to employment, to workplace inclusion. Each speaker brought in diverse perspectives, and we hope with these perspectives have given our viewers some food for thought, some insights on what can be done to make real change on ground and how each one of us can be a part of this change. On 28th, we have with us, Chris Folwell, Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, EMEA at Uber. He will share his journey and perspective, insights of being part of the community in UK in the 90s and now. Do join for an insightful conversation.

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Marching with Pride- In Conversation with Abhina Aher

Abhina is a celebrated member of transgender community and has shared her story on multiple platforms and many of you would be already aware of her journey, her struggles and her achievements. She is a transgender activist in India working in the HIV and human rights since last 25 years. She is post graduate in NGO Management from S.I.E.S College Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra and holds diploma in software engineering from Boston Computer Institute. She was awarded with Rex Award in 2014, Global Innovator in 2017 and Enby Round Table Award in 2020 for her community work. She started first trans led dancing group for queer advocacy in India called ‘Dancing Queens’ and established first collaborative organization between transwomen & transmen in India called TWEET – (Transgender Welfare Equity and Empowerment Trust) Foundation in India. Currently she is working as technical expert on key population with I-TECH India. Join us as she shares her insights about a 360 degree approach on building an inclusive would for the transgender community, the discrimination within the LGBTQIA community itself, the need for basic civil and human rights, and a lot more! #Conversationsforchange #Conversationsthatmatter #Diversitymatters #Inclusionmatters #Diversityequityandinclusion #Marchingsheep #Makeadifference #Marchingwithpride #Outandproud #Respectandequalityforall

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Marching with Pride- in Conversation with Ankita Mehra

A theme that keeps coming up when we talk with individuals from the LGBTQIA+ community is, when does an individual from the community reveal their authentic selves to the world- what we commonly hear as the term ‘coming out’. Is it a one time event? What does it take- mentally, emotionally for person to come out? What implications it has on their life? Has the society enabled them to come out? To have an in depth conversation on this theme, we have a very special person, Ankita Mehra. A Changemaker and supporting the changemakers! Today, Lead D&I at careernet, Linkedin creator with more that 30000 followers, recognised as the top 20 D&I Leaders in India, Young achievers award receiver- Roteract, India’s top 20 LGBTQ+ Youth, Ex-Roadies contenstant, D&I advocate featured across multiple platforms like YourStory, NDTV, Youth ki awaz, Economic Times and many other leading publications. Do join us for this conversation! #Marchingsheep #Marchingwithpride #Outandproud #Makeadifference #respectandequalityforall #Comingout #diversitymatters #Inclusionmatters #Concersationsthatmatter #Conversationsforchange #diversityandinclusion

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Marching with Pride- In conversation with Zainab Javid Patel

Marching Sheep presents a #paneldiscussion on the Role of Managers and Leaders in building an inclusive culture.

Inclusion needs consistent, continuous and concrete efforts, a deep understanding of challenges that members of the LGBTQIA+ community face, right from childhood to education to employment to societal acceptance, the fact that it is not a level playing ground when members of the community are often denied basic education, shelter or healthcare.

For this conversation, we have with me Zainab Javid Patel. Her Pronouns are She/ Her/ Hers. I had the honour of moderating a panel where she came in as a speaker at the Business World Conference, and her passion for inclusion, her knowledge, her courage, her candour is contagious! Zainab is a transgender person and is one of the petitioners in the National Legal Services Authority v. Union of India case on transgender rights. She currently works with Pernod Ricard India as the Chief Inclusion and Diversity Lead. She will talk about living life on her own terms- personally and professionally!

Do join us on 7th June, 7 pm IST/ 9.30 am EST/ 3.30 pm CET

#Marchingsheep #makeadifference #respectandequalityforall #Marchingwithpride #Outandproud #LGBTQplus #Pridemonth2022 #Prideinclusion #Conversationsforchange #Conversationsthatmatter #Diversitymatters #inclusionmatters #Diversityandinclusion

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Marching with Pride- In Conversation with Celia Daniels

As we step into the month of June, a month celebrated as the Pride Month across the Globe, we bring to you a series of 5 conversations with leaders from the LGBTQ+ community, who will share their journey, lived experiences and their thoughts on what it would take to build an inclusive world.

On 2nd June, we have with us Celia Sandhya Daniels. Celia is an Asian Indian non-op trans women of colour who is an entrepreneur, musician, photographer, story teller, activist and a blogger. Born in a conservative family in southern India, she writes and speaks passionately about her struggles and challenges she faced in her family, work and community both in US and India.

As a management consultant with top fortune 100 companies, she educates, empowers and advocates for transgender and gender non-binary individuals in the corporate world. She has built allyship with local businesses, police dept, therapists, doctors, churches and civil rights organizations in US and India to educate them about bullying, transgender violence, discrimination, healthcare policies and employment.

Do join us for an enriching conversation.

#Marchingwithpride #Outandproud #Pridemonth #Diversitymatters #inclusionmatters #Conversationsforchange #Conversationsthatmatter #Diversityequityandinclusion #diversityandinclusion #Marchingsheep #makeadifference #respectandequalityforall

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Panel Discussion- Role of Managers and leaders in Building a culture of Inclusion

Marching Sheep presents a #paneldiscussion on the Role of Managers and Leaders in building an inclusive culture.

Employees experience an organisation through their managers.

How managers and leaders support employees, of all backgrounds, genders, ethnicity, sexuality, and allow them to bring their authentic selves to work, to bring their best forward defines the true culture of an organization. Leaders and Managers play a critical role in building elements of a culture of belonging.

In this Panel Discussion, we are going to speak with #Industryleaders, Rachana Panda & Country Group Head Communications, PA & Sustainability (South Asia) from Bayer, Ganga Ganapathi Poovaiah (she/ her), VP, Marketing and Client Success from, Epsilon and Tanima Dhawan, HR Director of Zoo Media and gather their insights and experiences on this topic.

Do join us on Friday, 8th April, 7 PM, live on our Facebook, Linkedin and YouTube Channel and be a part of this enriching conversation.

#Conversationsforchange #Conversationsthatmatter #makeadifference #Inclusiveculture #Managers #Leaders #Leadershipspeak #Thoughtleadership #Marchingsheep #Respectandequalityforall

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iBreak- In conversation with Dr, Ankita Singh

In our first episode, Sarah tabet spoke about how vulnerability and courage go hand in hand. We have an inspirational story today of a woman, who realised early on that what society expected of her, and what she wanted from her life were very different. While it left her vulnerable it did not make her any less brave, as she focussed on what she wanted and pursued her dreams with full conviction.
So Today we have with us Dr. Ankita Singh, who is a role model to many of us today.

DR Ankita Singh, Senior Vice President and Global Head of HR at CIGNEX and Founder: HR Association of India.

Women can have it all, it’s just we have to define our ‘all’ instead of letting others define our all. Everything becomes clear once we define our all and work towards achieving it. Ankita’s story is testimonial to that where she defined her all, and went after it without guilt. Did she face challenges- yes, but she never wavered from her goals. And today here she is …. Living the life of her dreams… and we are all entitled to live a life that we dream of.

Do join us today to hear her journey in full!

#Marchingsheep #iBreak #Breakthebias #Internationalwomensday2022 #IWD #Diversitymatters #Inclusionmatters #Conversationsforchange #Conversationsthatmatter #makeadifference #respectandequalityforall #Diversityandinclusion

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iBreak- In conversation with Divisha Choudhary

Entrepreneurship, Leadership, parenthood have no gender and yet terms like ‘women entrepreneurs’, ‘women leaders’, ‘working mothers’ seem to stick and perpetuate bias. Well, this year’s International women’s day theme is #Breakthebias and through these candid conversations we are trying to do just that, bring forth some of the lived realities, questions these #stereotypes and biases and in the process break them.

In Shark Tank India, 43% of the business that were pitched had women as founders or co-founders.

In this vonversation, we have with us Divisha Choudhary, the co-founder of Bevzilla. She is 23 years old, and runs her own business.

#Marchingsheep #iBreak #Conversationsthatmatter #Conversationsforchange #Makeadifference #respectandequalityforall #Diversity #inclusion #Diversityequityandinclusion #Internationalwomensday #IWD2022 #Diversitymatters #Inclusionmatters

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Break the Rut, take a Sabbatical! Alok Kohli TEDxIIMRohtak

#Gendernorms, #Stereotypes, #Genderroles impact everyone. This year the #Internationalwomensday theme is #Breakthebias. Watch is amazing #TedxTalk where @Alok Kohli talks about #Sabbaticals and how they help. In a society where #careerbreaks are frowned upon, there are judgmental views from just about everyone- from family, to search partners to hiring managers, watch this talk to bust some myths and break the bias.

#Conversationsthatmatter #Conversationsforchange #Diversity #Inclusion #makeadifference #respectandequalityforall #iBreak

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