Session with Avery Dennison

A systemic drive towards inclusion requires consistent efforts. Kudos to the team at Avery Dennison Manvi Sushil and Ravi Sharma for driving sensitisation on diversity and inclusion across the organisation. And kudos to the participants of our third session, for such meaningful participation and contribution with coming up with their own inclusion charter and action plans.

Session with Abbott

When confronted with challenges in life and while going through turbulent times, allies are the people who help us in overcoming the hurdles. Allies are always there to support and help others in their times of need. They not only support but also speak up and take action against discrimination or inappropriate behavior. And when you have allies at workplace, it builds a culture of inclusivity and enables employees to perform and grow. Our session with the team of Abbott India was all about Allies in the Workplace and how we overcome barriers at different lifestages with their support and help. Thank you Jyoti BhattTamanna TripathyTr Prasad and Shruti Pai for partnering with us giving us this opportunity to interact with allies of Abbott.

Session with a manufacturing MSME organization on leadership development

We concluded a 6 week long learning journey with nearly 90 team members from an MSME from manufacturing industry on personal effectiveness , Managerial effectiveness leadership development. Despite the turmoil created by the pandemic, this group of warriors remained determined on the path of learning and to make a difference to their careers, with full ownership and accountability to the weekly assignments for ongoing learning.
Kudos to the organisation for investing in their people at the right time!

Session with Manufacturing MSME Company on Manager Development

When the going gets tough the tough get going! Despite the alarming rise in covid cases, this manufacturing MSME company has embarked on a 6 week long action learning journey for 90 of its team members on personaleffectiveness managerdevelopment leadershipdevelopment essentials for success in these challenging and ambiguous times for business continuity.


Session with Avery Dennison

It is a privilege to partner in this journey of #Diversity and Inclusion with Avery Dennison where Marching Sheep is engaging with its leaders and employees from across functions on the evolving facets of #diversity and working towards building a more inclusive culture in the organization. Our second session was just as engaging and participative as the first, highlighting the importance of intersectionality, common #biases at work, offering tools around inclusive communicationDecision making and much more.
Thank you to Manvi Sushil and the entire team at 
Avery Dennison for driving this and making us a part of this beautiful journey!
#Marching Sheep driving respect and equality

Session on Diversity & Inclusion for PepsiCo

Diversity  & Inclusion is a journey. It was an honour to partner with 50 leaders from the supply chain team from PepsiCo on the broadening narrative of Diversity today, the Intersectionality that makes every individual unique, the tenets of building inclusive culture and a lot more. Thank you Pallavi Banerjee and Tarishi Kamra for this opportunity.  Sincere Gratitude to Niteen Pradhan for Leading the conversations with such transparency and candour.


Panel discussion on the topic 'L&D and the future of Trainers' at the BW HR L&D Excellence Summit and Awards Event.

We would like to thank BW Businessworld for inviting Sonica Aron, Founder and Managing Partner Marching Sheep as panelist for a panel discussion (held on 27th Feb) on the topic ‘L&D and the future of Trainers’ at the BW HR L&D Excellence Summit and Awards Event. The discussion brought in the sharing of perspectives and insights on what are some of the emerging trends that Trainers should practice, what should they do differently, how can trainers use AI to complement their task and find the sweet spot between management requirements, employee engagement and the evolving technologies?

The discussion left the viewers and panelist with food for thought for helping experts relook at their existing practices and strategies.


IWD sessions for Tata Realty, Indian Oil, Clifford Chance and ZS Associates.

What a day it was! This International Women’s day, Marching Sheep had the opportunity to interact with women from different organizations and spread the message along this year’s theme – #choosetochallenge ourselves, our fears, our hesitations and our mindsets to succeed in our personal and professional journeys.

Through these sessions, it was a delight to connect with a bunch of enthusiastic women, who speak their mind and are rearing to challenge the status quo. We loved to curate these sessions for Tata Realty And Infrastructure Ltd , Indian Oil Corporation LimitedClifford Chance and ZS. Also, our Managing Partner, Sonica Aron was invited for a #paneldiscussion where she shared her views around #UnconsciousBias and its impact on inclusion of women, with the students of Sri Aurobindo College.


IWD sessions for Mahindra and Mahindra Limited and IIFL

It’s encouraging to see that organisations continue to engage in meaningful conversations through the week….we had the opportunity to engage with women from @Mahindra and Mahindra limited and @IIFL on #ChoosetoChallenge, the theme for this year’s #Internationalwomensday.
We at Marching Sheep firmly believe that it is not just one day, but a celebration of a journey towards gender equality and inclusion and it’s work in progress, and these sessions are testimony that more and more organisations are now joining hands to drive this journey!


IWD Campaign

We begin the month of February by launching our International Women’s Day Campaign. To build awareness and collective learning around this year’s theme ChoosetoChallenge, we will bring to thought-provoking conversations with strong women from different walks of life and diverse fields – Sonica AronKaushiki SrivastavaRiya DalviPooja JauhariIra SinghalBina PillaiMegha MukhijaTina Vinod (she/her), Apurva Purohit, Shauravi MalikRuchi Jain.

IWD came into existence to celebrate women’s achievements, raise awareness about women’s equality and accelerate gender parity.

We will be having interviews every Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:30 to 7:00 pm till 8th March, streamed live on Marching Sheep’s Facebook, Twitter pages and YouTube channel.

Session with the Global Leadership team of Avery Dennison on Building Inclusive culture, broadening narrative of Diversity

There is nothing more satisfying than making a difference together. We had a session today with the Global Leadership team of Avery Dennison on Building Inclusive culture, broadening narrative of Diversity, the importance of micro responses in day to day interactions, and the intersectionality of multiple dimensions of one’s identity to make everyone Unique.

Heartfelt gratitude to Manvi Sushil and Jacques Marshall for inviting us for this session.

Talk on Embracing Diversity and Inclusion with HRAI

Diversity and inclusion is a journey, with more and more organisations hiring and welcoming #Diverse workforce and building  inclusive culturesHR ASSOCIATION OF INDIA recently conducted a talk on Embracing Diversity and Inclusion. Our founder – Sonica Aron shared the platform for a Panel discussion with experts from diverse areas like Pooja B.Shaifaly Sangal and Jonathan D’Souza and it was a pleasure to engage in such an open, candid and insightful conversation. Thank you for this truly amazing session.

Session on emotional resilience and psychological safety with Tata Realty And Infrastructure Ltd

Discussing about emotional resilience and psychological safety with the two different batches of managers of Tata Realty And Infrastructure Ltd, Last week was a journey of reflection, and coming up with our own ways of building resilience around us- for the participants and for their teams. With a participative audience the shares and questions invoked introspection, learning and discussions. Thank you Reena Wahi

SHBP 3rd Batch

3rd Batch of SHRBP

Proud to launch our third batch of Strategic HRBP Certification in association with FICCI Quality Forum – Training & Consultancy wing . A mix of inquisitive, energetic and knowledgeable participants, they came onboard this exciting journey of 5 weeks, with live case studies, assignments and reflections, defining HR as #transparent , #collaborative , #intrinsic and #integral function which holds the organisation and employees together through a common purpose. The first session left us looking forward to a #adventurous #learning journey together.

ICC training at Aegon Life

Implementation of #POSH in letter and spirit is the starting point of building #inclusive and #safe workplaces. We recently conducted a comprehensive session for the Leadership team and ICC members at Aegon Life on the Act, its implications in the current virtual way of working, and most importantly the role of ICC members. The session was supported by Ramanjit Singh and Rohin Dubey from NSouth Law Associates who shared live case studies, case laws, judgements and practical insights making the session more informative and relatable. At a time when we are operating in a virtual environment, sessions like these are important to create awareness on the evolving dimensions of POSH, role of ICC members and ensuring zero tolerance for sexual harassment in organisations. Thanks to the team at Aegon Life – Tony Mathew Jose Nikita R. Sunita Rath for inviting us for the session.

Our 6th Panel Discussion: Integrated diverse views to build an inclusive and fulfilling workplace.

All voices matter!
We would like to thank our panelists – 
Yuvaraj SrivastavaBhavna BatraRicha Oberoi Arora and Siddharth Vishwanath for an enriching discussion. They shared their insights, learnings, experiences and unique perspective that left us all with food for thought at the end of the panel discussion.
Also, would like to thank our attendees for joining the panel discussion. Looking forward to many more such opportunities and collaborations to learn and grow collectively as a society, community and an organisation.

Diversity, Inclusion and LGBTQIA Digital Summit in partnership with Transformance Forums

We are pleased to share that Marching Sheep has partnered with Transformance Forums for #DiversityandInclusion #DigitalSummit, on 20th January 2021, Wednesday, 10 am to 1 pm. With speakers from #diverseindustries speaking on topics like creating a robust #diversitystrategy, to overcoming dilemmas, making #businesscase, addressing #mindsets, these will be a power packed 3 hours.

Webinar with Hansraj College

Extremely excited about this session at Hansraj College, a place I called home for 3 years and where I discovered my wings. It is so heartening so see institutions conduct awareness sessions on #diversityandinclusion and help prepare students to overcome #stereotypes and # biases, and as #leadersoftomorrow build #inclusiveworkplaces.

Panel Discussion with Fourth Partner Energy Pvt. Ltd.

Sonica Aron was a part of an engaging and enriching panel discussion with Fourth Partner Energy Pvt. Ltd.

Panel Discussion- Planning in advance for post covid era.

It’s a unique experience when 5 HR leaders get together for a panel discussion, there is fun, there is catching up and there are some intense discussions. Here is the recording of our third Panel discussion with Mahalakshmi RYuvaraj SrivastavaYashwant Mahadik and Anushree Singh, Moderated by Sonica Aron, all from diverse industries with rich HR experience, sharing their insights, learnings and what will sustain organisations going forward… and they could have gone on and on, had time permitted.

We are grateful to all panelists and all attendees for their time. The current time calls for shared learning and growth, and we will continue doing our bit in this direction.

ZS Associates session

It was #energising to connect with a bunch of #earlycareerwomen from an organisation and speak about various stages of #learning and #growthopportunities#stakeholdermanagementt #findingmentors and #battlingbiases in personal life and at work. It was so interesting to see their comments in the chat box as they shared their experiences and relatable moments, the #Woohoos and the #ahamoments. Their feedback and warmth will stay with us for days to come. Kudos to the organisation for planning such sessions.

Emotional Resilience Session With FICCI

What makes us feel good….like really good?

A day like today, delivering a #virtualsession on #Emotionalresilience in partnership with FICCI to a packed audience, that was fully engaged throughout the session, asked questions, wanted to understand the topic for themselves and for their #teams and #organisations, wanted to create #awareness around managing #stress#wfhburnout #Cognitiveerrors and truly build emotionally resilient culture, truly #makeadifference. Sharing some pics of key take aways from the session.

Session with J K Business School

Uncertainty in current times is being felt by all of us, whether working professionals or students. Our Managing Partner – Sonica Aron recently held a session with the students of JK Business School, addressing their concerns on Skills and Competencies required to succeed in these times. It was a truly insightful session where the discussion with these leaders of tomorrow was driven through smooth conversations and guidance.

L & D Neuro 2020 Digital Summit

As we continue on our journey to evolve with the evolving times, we are pleased to partner with @Transformance Forums for L&D NEURO 2020 Digital Summit on 11th September 2:30 PM onwards. Hear industry leaders and experts from across the globe on topics of #neuroscience#learninganddevelopment and #emotionalresilience.

Our Founder & Managing Partner @Sonica Aron shared her insights on Emotional Diversity, Resilience and Learning Consequences in these uncertain times.

SHRBP Session with FICCI

With a batch full of enthusiastic and inquisitive HR professionals from across the industries, we kick started our Strategic HR Business Partner Certification and it was truly interesting to see sharing of knowledge, learning through each other’s experience and growing with each other in this week long journey. With our Managing Partner – Sonica Aron and Vinti Mehrotra from FICCI Quality Forum – Training & Consultancy wing leading the session, it was a fun class full of amazing insights.

Panel Discussion- 'Criticality of Employee Well Being to Succeed In VUCA 2.0'

Today’s scenario is chaotic, unprecedented and constantly evolving. None of us have experienced this before and we are all learning as we go along. Creating awareness about relevant topics and learning from each other can be extremely helpful in such times. In order to understand better how we can overcome this challenge, on the 4th of September we held a panel discussion on how leading organisations are dealing with employee well-being while balancing business recovery. We would like to thank our esteemed panelist’s – Surender (Suren) Mehta – HR Director VOIS India & Global Head of HR _VOIS Business, Amit Sharma-CHRO Volvo Group India, Vithal Acharya – Head Of Human Resources, Ola Electric Mobility Pvt. Ltd., Poornima Kamath – Chief D&I Officer, Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Pvt. Ltd. and attendees from diverse industries, diverse scenarios for an insightful and enriching discussion that highlighted emerging trends on the topic as we continue to learn and evolve on this journey of recovery as a society, economy and Industry!

Employee Experience & Engagement Digital Masterclass with Transformance Forums

We at Marching Sheep are delighted to partner with Transformance Forums on #employeeexperience masterclass on Wednesday, 5th August.

Panel discussion with Sony Pictures

Heartfelt thanks to all panelists and attendees for the panel discussion held yesterday by Marching Sheep in partnership with Sony Pictures Networks India. Extremely relevant insights and experiences shared by Manu Wadhwa Rohit Kumar and Anushree Singh on relevance of building diversityandinclusion to succeed in the new normal and path to business recovery.

The session was attended by 150 attendees on Zoom and 170 viewers on Marching sheep Facebook page. Questions raised by the attendees were answered by the panelists with candidness and authenticity at the end of the session. Sincere thanks to all.

Guest Session with ICFAI Business School

Recovering from the current situation will require collective learning across all segments- individuals, organizations and as a society. One such segment is the students, our leaders of tomorrow, who might at this stage be feeling fearful and uncertain. It becomes a responsibility of people who can assuage their fears, guide them and give direction. It was a great opportunity for our Managing partner Sonica Aron to interact with students of ICFAI Business School, along with co-panelist Sunil Khosla and Saiju Aravind. The warm welcome received by the institute, the engaging discussions and finally the questions from students, left us feeling happy about continuing to #makeadifference.

Guest Session with IIM Ranchi

It was a pleasure for our Managing Partner Sonica Aron to be a part of Viimrsh a Webinar Series of Leadership Talks at IIM Ranchi. It was an interactive discussion on ‘How the Pandemic has forced Organisations to Relook at their Existing Strategies and Move on to VUCA 2.0.’

Guest Session with XIMB

Our Founder, Managing Partner, Sonica Aron was invited by Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneshwar, for its online webinar series, #ConeXus – Women Leaders Week – For A Better Future.” Through the session, she shared her challenges and leadership lessons, she learnt during her entrepreneurial journey, with a young and enthusiastic lot of over 150 students. The session saw great involvement and participation from the students.

Overwhelmed with the positive feedback received from them for finding the session #relevant and #insightful !

Masterclass at TISS ODCL

It was a pleasure for our Founder, Managing Partner, Sonica Aron to address and interact with a bunch of young minds at TISS ODCL where she was invited for a masterclass on 16th July. The session was highly interactive offering important corporate lessons to the budding professionals and also covered key aspects of diversity important in today’s times.
Thank you to all the students for finding the session relevant and sharing your positive feedback!

Virtual Learning Session on Building Psychological Safety in Teams with FICCI

Moving forward on the road towards business recovery, we hosted a virtual workshop on “Building Psychological Safety in Teams” in association with FICCI. Had amazing participants who made sure there was no dull moment and made it a satisfying and engaging workshop.

Masterclass with Piramal Group

It was a pleasure for Sonica Aron, our Managing Partner to be invited for a Masterclass by Piramal Group as part of its Inspirationatwork series. Through the session, Sonica shared reallife experiences and key learnings from her corporate journey with the women employees of Piramal Group.
It was delightful to see the high level of participation throughout the session and for finding it enjoyable and relevant for the audience. Thank you Unmesh Rai Jyotika Menon and Trisha Nayak for organizing this!

Session on Enabling working women at Sony Pictures

It has been proven that women are bearing the brunt of the lockdown and economic uncertainty more than men. Recently we have rolled out a session on Enabling working women to succeed in the new normal for women leaders at Sony pictures. The program was based on research conducted and issues collected from the participants.

This program aims at enabling and empowering participants to identify their strengths, priorities and how to achieve their personal and professional goals with a laser focus during these turbulent times. It helps organisations build a robust pipeline of diverse talent.

A big thanks to Sony Pictures and Shirley Gonsalves to provide us with the opportunity. A big shout out to all the participants for such active involvement!

Session on Emotional Diversity with Abbott

Well received sessions keep us going! Conducted a session today for women workforce at Abbott on #emotionaldiversity, channelising emotion towards #Buildingcareerwithconfidence. Attended by over 300 participants, the session left us energised and satisfied! We look forward to continue to #makeadifference!

Also shared the photographs for all the events through We Transfer.

Enabling working women to succeed in new normal in partnership with FICCI

So Happy and proud today to launch our virtually facilitated workshop on “Enabling working women to succeed in new normal” in partnership with FICCI Great participation by the audience and full involvement with discussions and Q&A

Pulse Survey 3rd- POSH Survey

With the onset of #Covid, work from home has become the #newnormal. As organizations are working towards adapting themselves to the new normal, we at Marching Sheep, bring to you our 3rd #pulsesurvey, to capture pertinent insights on how existing POSH policies and act can be made more relevant and in line with the new normal, meeting its unique challenges.
Help us by sharing your responses using the link below!

Webinar - Unleashing the power of Inclusion during remote working

New reality demands we take learning interventions that are both relevant to today’s needs as well as delivered in a manner that engages participants just like a face to face intervention. We ran a 2 hour session in partnership with FICCI Quality Forum on Zoom on inclusive communication while working from home, unconscious bias and dealing with people decisions objectively.

Virtual Learning Session on Building Psychological Safety in Teams

 Super thrilled on the success of our 2nd open virtual training on building psychological safety in teams, in association with FICCI Attended by 24 participants across companies, embracing the new normal and what it takes to succeed in today’s environment.

Pulse Survey- 1st

It’s your reaction to adversity, not adversity itself that determines how your life’s story will develop. — Dieter F. Uchtdorf .Uncertainties lie ahead of us at every step of the way. With this impending crisis it is difficult to look upon the bright side of things. But like every cloud has a silver lining, these difficult times too have forced us to take a pause and use it as an opportunity to reboot and explore our strengths. As organizations are gearing up to address a new set of challenges, the only question is how prepared are we to handle it? We at Marching Sheep are conducting #pulse surveys to get insights on the current challenges and future needs of organizations and help them in their journey forward.

Help us by sharing your response to just one question every week !

For this week’s question click on the below link.

Pulse Survey- 2nd

Thank you all for participating in our 1st Pulse Survey. We will be sharing the results soon. Continuing with our endeavor to get insights on how we can all be prepared to succeed in the new normal, we bring to you our second pulse survey! HR Function will have a key role to play in guiding employees and organizations through these changes and challenges. This has compelled the HR function and leaders to re-evaluate their focus areas in times to come. Help us identify the Top 5 priorities of HR function as we gradually exit the lockdown using the link below:

Live talk with Brandeur Global Pvt. Ltd:It was a pleasure to be interviewed by Tanushree Garg from Brandeur Global Pvt. Ltd.. Thanks for the opportunity for me to share my thoughts and insights on #emotionalresilience during these challenging times, and the unique situation #Leaders and #HRteams find themselves in balancing .

International Women's Day celebration at Takeda

It’s heartening to see the meaningful sessions organizations are planning and rolling out to drive #Diversityandinclusion at workplaces. It was a privilege to hold such a session at Takeda where we discussed #unconsciousbias, #stereotypes that comes in the way of building #inclusiveworkplaces. Great participation by the audience.

Women@Work Session at Mahindra Finance

It is always inspiring to engage with ambitious talented women who are juggling personal and professional #lifestages and multiple roles that they play in life. We spent the day yesterday with one such group from Mahindra Finance in Mumbai. It was heartening to understand their ambitions, listen to their stories of #grit and #resilience and work with them on their #actionplans.

Session on Speed Mentoring for Women at IIFL

Imagine a room full of 60 #womenprofessionals, asking questions on a range of topics from #Industryleaders, across functions and sectors. This is what happened this Saturday as part of hashtag#Speedmentoring. Kudos to IIFL (India Infoline Group), Shruti Wali, Samantha Chaves, and team for coming up with this concept and partnering with Marching Sheep. It was a day we will all remember! Big Thank you to all industry #Leaders and #mentors who made the time on a Saturday and shared their vast #experience and #wisdom with the participants. Thank you for believing in #EachForEqual.

Session on Diversity & Inclusion for College Students

The theme for #Internationalwomensday2020 is #eachforequal. And what better place to have a discussion on this than with the #youth. Team Marching Sheep spent a day with college students on the role today’s youth can play in influencing the #diversity narrative today and as #Leadersoftomorrow.

Workshop on “Gender Sensitization” at GAIL India Pvt.Ltd.

Two extremely satisfying days spent with the #management at GAIL (India) Limited #Pata facility- #GailGaon discussion and exploring #GenderSensitisation. It was encouraging to see the participation, awareness, positive discussions and #Actionplanning. A big part of #leadershipdevelopment is to build awareness about #unconsciousbias and how to overcome it. It was also so wonderful to see the #Leadership of the facility engage employees through meaningful #inclusive initiatives like #RainbowCricketLeague and #GailgaonGotTalent. Its continued efforts like this that will help us continue our journey towards an #inclusiveculture and #inclusivesociety.

Session on Team Building & Conflict Management at Continental Tyres

Cohesive and #highperformingteams are key to #organisationalsuccess. It was a pleasure to engage with over 40 managers from Continental Tyres. We discussed #collaboration, #inclusivecommunication, #buildingtrust and #drivingcommongoals.

Women@Work session for Lupin

What an amazing experience- Interacting with a group of motivated, enthusiastic set of #womenleaders, who got together for a session on a Sunday, to learn more about how they could #empowerandenableworkingwomen in their teams and geographies! And what can one say about the Organisation and its #Leadership, where they have been able to create a #culture where #diversityandinclusion is such an important agenda, owned by the employees and not just HR!

IPRCCC Session on Visual Content

Thank you exchange4media and Media Mantra for this platform.
With the evolving nature of #diverseworkforce dynamics, communication needs to evolve to meet the needs of #diverseaudience and connect with them along the #employeelifecyclestages. Great discussions and interactions.

Employee Experience & Engagement Summit & Awards 2019 by Transformance Forums

We are a proud partner at the Employeeexperienceandengagementsummit2019 being held in Mumbai. Hear our Founder and Managing Partner Sonica Aron speaks about nurturing and leveraging a multigenerational workforce systematically to be future ready and agile in the VUCA world.

Inclusion Bootcamp at SBI Cards

A Unique #Inclusionbootcamp designed, curated and rolled out with the #Leadership at three locations (Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Pune) in SBI Card. Great Participation, intriguing and candid discussions, it was a wonderful experience engaging with the #Leaders of today and discussion their take of #Diversityandinclusion.

FICCI Innovation Summit 2019

We are a proud partner at #ficci Innovation Summit 2019. Join us from Nov 25-26, at Hotel Taj Palace in New Delhi to know how HR Levers be aligned with the changing business needs, so that Innovation becomes a way of life and is embedded into the company’s DNA. Also hear our Founder and Managing Partner Sonica Aron speak about how a culture of #equality and #inclusivity can drive innovation.

Marching Sheep partnered in the 2nd Edition Future HR Summit and Awards curated by UBS Forums

We partnered in the 2nd Edition Future HR Summit and Awards curated by UBS Forums held on 21st November in Mumbai. Our Founder and Managing Partner, Sonica Aron spoke about the #vucaworld and gave an insight on the relevant HR strategies and difficult conversations with business that play a key role in having a future ready workforce. It was an enriching experience to hear eminent HR leaders from across the industry share their views and real time experiences around the changing role of HR in making organizations and talent future ready. A great learning experience!!

Facweek session at Sterlite Power on unconsciousbias

Facweek session at Sterlite Power on #unconsciousbias as part of International facilitation week. Great participation, involvement and questions. Thank you Rohit Shenoy for inviting us.

Workshop on “Gender Sensitization” at GAIL India Pvt.Ltd.

What a session on #gendersensitization with the senior Leadership at @GAIL. Challenging concepts, debates and discussions, unearthing and reflecting on social norms and biases, building their own #solutiontree, #Unlearning and #learning. Once again convinced that the success and effectiveness of a session lies with the participation and energy of the group!

Interaction with Students of IIM-Ranchi

Our Founder and Managing Partner Sonica Aron delivered a talk to the students of Indian Institute of Management, Ranchi. She spoke about the importance of enabling a diverse and an inclusive workplace, which helps in driving business objectives, ensuring employee welfare and bring about all-round development of an organization. The session also focused on how to overcome the vicious cycle of unconscious bias to make way for fair decision-making, which is the cornerstone of enabling and nurturing an inclusive workplace.

Marching Sheep partners with L&D Summit and Awards 2019 in Bengaluru

We were proud partners at L&D Summit and Awards organized by Transformance Forums in Bengaluru on 16th October. Our Founder and Managing Partner Sonica Aron spoke about the importance of learning and development in driving business objectives and ROI; its role in change management, behavioural change and employee productivity. It was great to share the space with other organizations, experts and old friends.

Marching Sheep partners with Learning and Development Summit and Awards 2019 in Mumbai

Team Marching Sheep participated in the learning and development summit organised by UBS Forums in Mumbai on 26th September. Our on ground experience and client case studies of how L&D can play a pivotal role in driving current business objectives and long term business strategy, continue to add value even in the face of economic slowdown, travel freeze and budget cuts were very well received. It was indeed a great experience to hear from colleagues from different organisations and meet old friends!

Marching Sheep partners with HR Conclave 2019 in Bengaluru

It was an honour to moderate a panel on Diversity in Leadership with leaders from diverse organisations at HR Conclave 2019 in Bangalore. Siddharth Vishwanath from Zivame, Anisha Mishra from Qbera Loans, Shalini Nataraj from Maersk Global Service Centres India Pvt Ltd, Chennai, Vishwanadh Raju from AxisCades. Great discussions around different nuances of diversity- gender, sexual orientation, generational, and people with disability.

Team Marching Sheep Interacts with Students of Ambedkar University, New Delhi

Spent the afternoon on 14th August engaging with students at Ambedkar University, Delhi. It was heartening to hear students discuss about topics like Toxic Masculinity, diversity and inclusion and different facets of diversity in the workplace. It was interesting to note their level of awareness, openness to discuss issues on the range of gender and sexual identities, the recent Transgender Bill and Surrogacy Bill. With future leaders like them, we can sure look forward to more divers and inclusive workplaces. The session was facilitated by Sonica Aron and Neharika Mahajan.

Proud Partners at Diversity and Inclusion Bootcamp, 2019 in Mumbai

It was an absolute pleasure for MarchingSheep to be associated with the Diversity and Inclusion Bootcamp 2019 (curated by Transformance Forums) as a Knowledge Partner held on 20th Sept, 2019. With Sonica Aron, our founder & Managing Partner emphasizing the importance of a 360 degrees approach to D&I & Neharika Mahajan from MarchingSheep holding the conference together with her insights from every speech, the bootcamp was the perfect platform for learning & knowledge sharing, with eminent leaders from across industries coming together & sharing their perspectives & on ground experience of driving D&I agenda in their organisations. It included engaging discussions & insightful talks on approaches & strategies to implement diversity, tackle challenges in being inclusive organizations, deal with unconscious bias & the best practices in the area of D&I.

Our Founder and Managing Partner Sonica Aron speaks at Delhi School of Business

Thank you Dr. Shoma Mukherji and Delhi School of Business for inviting Sonica Aron to speak at Global Advances in Business and Communication Conference. It was an honour to address an audience comprising of academicians, professionals and students on topics of diversity and inclusion, social conditioning and unconscious bias.

Session on Enabling Bias-free Workplaces with Employees of EXL Service

It was a pleasure to conduct a session on the vicious cycle of unconscious bias for the team at EXL Service, Gurgaon . We thank Emmy Anita Gilbert for inviting us. Loved the vibrancy among the audience, the discussions, maturity and acceptance of the topic. Kudos to the Leadership for organizing such sessions.

Proud Partners at FICCI Conference

Thank you Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI) and Vinti Mehrotra for the amazing opportunity to chair the panel discussion on Diversity and Hiring. Thank you Panelists Neha Saxena Shenoy from Reckitt Benckiser (India) Ltd, Nainsee Garg from Philips India, Girish Sharma from Accenture and Sumita Das from Sterlite Power.

Team Marching Sheep at IWC Conference

It was really encouraging to interact with people from diverse fields working towards the agenda of divetsity and inclusion. Awareness is the first step towards change. Challenging norms through conversations and discussions will surely help us drove change.

Session on Dismantling Unconscious Bias with the Employees of Philips India Electronics Limited

Thank you Armaan Seth, S.R. Srinivasan, Nitin Sachdeva for inviting us for this session on inclusion and unconscious bias at the Learning Summit at Philips India Electronics Limited, and special thanks to the audience for their wholehearted participation. We loved every moment!

Enabling Diverse and Inclusive Workplaces with the Leadership of Philips India Electronics Limited

It was wonderful to conduct a half day session with the leadership team of Philips India Electronics Limited on unconscious bias and minimizing its impact at the workplace. Loved the spirit of the open discussion, challenging and questioning, being able to openly articulate biases. Kudos to the Leadership and Armaan Seth for making this happen!

Sonica Aron, Founder and Managing Partner, Marching Sheep, speaks at a Panel Discussion organized by Women in Public Sector (WIPS)

Sonica Aron spoke at a panel discussion organized by WIPS, Women in Public Sector event, where she shared the dias with Alka Mittal, HR Director, ONGC and Seema Gupta, Operations Director Power Grid. It was inspiring to hear their stories and we salute women like them who have paved the path gender equality at the workplace.