Prevention of sexual harassment at workplace.

POSH is the first step towards an inclusive culture.

Here is a small video on the importance of POSH and how this has got a complete new dimension in the current times.

Panel Discussion for NewsX and Business World

t was an honour to be part of this illustrious panel. Thank you NewsX (Direct News Private Limited) Business World for inviting me. It was a great experience.

5 ways to overcome covid crisis

Really excited that this video was covered on the you tube channel of Business fortnight. In this 10 minute video, our Managing Partner Sonica Aron speaks about the top 5 priorities of HR function to enable organisations on the path of business recovery. Do watch, and leave your comments.

Building psychological safety in teams

Some of the common challenges faced by employees during the pandemic and lockdown are Job Security, fear of salary cuts, long working hours, uncertainty about ‘when will it be normal’, lac of social connect.

We at Marching Sheep have curated and delivered a virtually program based on research and science- Helping managers build psychological safety in teams.The response to the session was encouraging and we will be doing more of these!

This 2 min video is a glimpse from one of the sessions. Do Watch!

Video on The Battle between Humanity and Corona

The Battle between Humanity and Corona… and we will emerge stronger. Here is our take on the situation!

Live talk with Brandeur Global Pvt. Ltd.

It was a pleasure to be interviewed by Tanushree Garg from Brandeur Global Pvt. Ltd.. Thanks for the opportunity for me to share my thoughts and insights on #emotionalresilience during these challenging times, and the unique situation #Leaders and #HRteams find themselves in- Balancing.

Our journey so far

”With the right policies,processes and capabilities in place,we can even make the Sheep March”
Here is a small video on Marching Sheep’s journey so far.